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Thread: Dumping notes and SMS

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    Default Dumping notes and SMS
    I have sqlite, but I'm horrible at this kind of stuff.
    I've been trying for a while and so far all I can get is a blank txt file.

    Can someone help me dump the notes and SMS databases to a txt file?!

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    oh man..
    if u want to extract the info, u need to know the field names, type of value, relationship, and all the info.
    maybe if u looked into the .db file hard enough, u will find the info there.
    im not about to try ... too tedious ... gosh ..

    try using Apple's FileMaker (a DBMS)
    Best Regards

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    1. Download this sms.db
    3. Click on SQL tab
    4. type in select * from message
    5. click in the table control A "select all"
    6. control C "copy
    7. open excel
    8. Contol V paste
    9. Export to whatever you want

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    Thanks a ton freshfitz

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    according to the website you need professional to export a file. with the free version you can't.

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    After I run the script it out puts it all in the program, I then copy it to an Excel document.

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    Cool great!
    very genius.. thanks mate!

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    how do you open the sms.db file?

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    When I paste into excel nothing happens. Anybody else have this problem?

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    Can someone just PM me some help?

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    Hello Everyone,
    Well my jailbreaking of 2.01 did not quite go as planned. Don't get me wrong the process was almost a complete success. Everything is there after doing a backup restore, except for a lot of my sms and notes. iTunes on my PC won't let me select on older backup; however, I did find a decent backup on my laptop that itunes will let me use. I was able to use various tools (mobilesync-inspect for Windows by Lukhnos D. Liu mobilesync-inspect - Google Code and SQLite Expert SQLite Expert - SQLite Database Administration Tool) to extract my sms and notes databases out of the backup files and view my data. Now I have old stuff from an older backup, new stuff from my most recent backup and some stuff that shows up in both backups. My question is how do I go about merging the data. I tried using the Data Transfer Wizard from within SQLite Expert, but get errors when I leave the default options checked. Has anyone attempted to merge the data from one database to another and can you describe how you did it?

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