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Thread: how to get custum ring tones

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    Default how to get custum ring tones
    Ok i have 1.1.3 i did have some custom tones but i have seem to lost them.

    Were u selected your tone there was a separate box above that with all the custom ones. if that helps some one figure out how it was orginally done.

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    It can be done again using iPhone PC Suite ( Free ) with just the appropriate format

    or may be, if you wanna pay a little, iPhone RingTone Maker is a good one where you choose any MP3 file & it converts it & then upload directly to your phone.

    There also a turn around using iTunes but I really can't remember it

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    I use iPhoneringtone maker... its probbaly the easiest fastest way to make ringtones specifically for the iphone...

    It cost money but you can always Torrent it....

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    I've tried the iTunes turnaround but I only seem to be able to put 1 ringtone on the phone, coz when I try to get a second one, it will not transfer or it will make two copies of the one I had first, maybe I'll try one of those programs out there.

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    i have fiund and used iphone ring tone maker. ITS exelent, free demo for us windows people. i will buy it this week. just need a program for sms tones now. i need a to donatate to seleval programs as well some of teh work/programs are supurb and really make teh iphone great.

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    i use iringer (free) works just like iphone ringtone maker but it adds the created ringtone to itunes for u so there is no bugs w/ the ringtones bc there technically from itunes...

    If I helped you at all please hit the thanks button 4 me!

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    Here is a good verified way to use itunes 7.6 for iphone software 1.1.3 and 1.1.4, i don't know about 7.6.1 yet i am trying to figure that out. Still trying to find a good software for adding fade out and in to the ring tone but this is pretty easy to do and you don't have to pay or use any other software. Hope it helps

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    To get free ringtones on ur iphone...first: the ringtone has to be under 30 sec..ok now put the ringtone on ur desktop and click on it (once)
    at the end of the name it should say like .m3r or something. What ever it says change it to .m4r and click out and click ok to the popup...Now: all u gotta do now is double click it and it appears in ur ringtones on itunes

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    here is the guide that i used and post for other on this site...

    works on my 1.1.3 OTB fully unlock and im using 7.5 and i know 7.6 works as well..

    1. Open iTunes

    2. Create a folder called iPhone Ringtones on your desk top or C drive

    3. Find song that you want to create to a Ringtone

    4. Right click song and select GET INFO

    5. Go to the OPTIONS tab

    6. You will see two boxes one for START and one for STOP check both of those boxes.

    7. In START box put where you would want the Ringtone to begin example- 0:01 or 1:25

    8. In STOP box put the number that would make the Ringtone 29secs long total example- Start 0:25 End 0:54

    9. Once you’ve done that and both boxes are checked click OK

    10. Now right click song and select Convert to AAC

    11. Once that’s done Drag the Converted AAC which should be 29secs long to your iPhone Ringtone folder.

    12. Now delete the 29sec AAC song out of iTunes. Don’t forget to take the original song and right click go to GET INFO then OPTIONS and uncheck those boxes then ok.

    13. Now in your iPhone Ringtone folder it should say example- TNT.m4a if it doesn’t click on Tools and go to Folder options then click on the View Tab. Scroll down and uncheck the box that has HIDE EXTENSIONS FOR KNOWN FILE TYPES then click apply. Now it should show the .m4a

    14. Right click your audio file and click RENAME change the TNT.m4a to TNT.m4r if a pop up comes up asking if you want to change it and it might not play just click yes. Now it should have a white piece of paper with a CD and music note on it and say ringtone in little letters.

    15. Double click the Ringtone and it should automatically show up in iTunes under your ringtones. Now just SYNC and enjoy
    iPhone 8gb- OTB 1.1.3 fully unlocked and everything working great plus mods

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    This may sound a little too easy or i am on the wrong post! but...
    I have a Jail-broken iPhone on v1.1.4 and all i do to use an .mp3 as a ringtone is change the name of the .mp3 file to .m4r and put it into my ringtones directory using WinSCP. So far it has worked with no problems. Haven't tried putting lots of ringtones in there, but with one works fine.

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    those able to sync only 1 ringtone with itunes
    the problem is that u have manual transfer on

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