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Thread: Help! I need to restore my iPhone.

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    Exclamation Help! I need to restore my iPhone.
    Hi. iTunes no longer recognizes my iPhone. I did a bunch of modding in the past few days. Mod after mod after mod. I added NES, changed a lot of the icons and pictures, then applied a whole theme. I even added the ringtones a few days prior the the more compicated mods listed before. I used, which was very helpful, then i was led to this site. I wanted to go back to the factory settings and start over since, I did so much modding in the past few days, so that I could then (after the restore) apply only my favorite mods. OK, so I tried to restore. iTunes gave me an error message then my phone said "Please Connect to iTunes" with the Warning Sign. I was connected to iTunes the whole time! I tried closing iTunes and opening it again, but it still didn't recognize phone's connection. I tried disconnecting the USB cable and reconnecting it again. Same problem. I know I rushed into modding too much too fast, but I would simply like to restore my phone. I know that iTunes doesn't recognize the iPhone right now, but maybe there are some ways to force recognizability or restoration. Please help. I have no phone and no contacts and will be waiting patiently for a response.

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    I don't know if this will work, but I had a similar problem and I worked around it.
    My phone was basically locked at the "please connect to itunes" screen after uninstalling an app. I tried holding the buttons to reboot but it always ended up at the same screen. I tried to restore but it failed. So i placed it back in the dock and just for the heck of it, ran jailbreak again. Jailbreak did recognize the phone! After jailbreak was finished I opened itunes and restored the phone. It took two or three tries but it made progress each time, until it was finally restored. Give it a shot and good luck.

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    Hopefully that works..I mean I tried Jailbreak already and it took a while that I just closed the window. Maybe I need to be patient and try again. I reinstalled iTunes and need to restart my computer. Hopefully that is all I need to do for the iTunes to recognize the iPhone. I really don't know..I'll post the results later.

    Edit: After restarting my computer, and opening iTunes, iTunes detected an iPhone in recovery mode and needs to restore to factory settings. Hopefully this goes well =)
    Edit: It worked! I reinstalled the iTunes and it restored my cell.
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    If it does not restore the first time don't be discouraged. It took three tries at restoring to finally restore.

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    Default help
    I had the same problem after installing mods, itunes didnt recognise it..... you can restore it on another computer or you can keep turning it on and off

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