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Thread: HOW TO: Delete files in WinSCP

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    Default HOW TO: Delete files in WinSCP
    Ok, this is my first how-to. So Bare with me. First you need winRAR. You can get it from this page:

    Its under the "things you will need for modding your iphone for windows 101" section. WHen you dl winRAR, install it.

    Then you need to get the bin kit. You can get it from a number of different places, I found it here:

    under the "Why cant i delete anything in ssh using winscp?" question. Down load it to you computer, I put it on my desktop for ease of access. Now winRAR should automatically open with the two files in the window. The 2nd file is the folder containing the bin kit. Double click it, and inside you will find another folder named "bin". Right click on that folder and click "Extract to the specified folder" Then choose where you want to extract it to. Again I chose the desktop.

    Now in winSCP (make sure you are connected) Go to the "</root>" directory(make sure it is this root, because WinSCP opens with another "root" directory as the default in the drop down menu). Its a drop down menu above the right side of the winSCP screen. And on the left side drop down menu it should be at your desktop(if thats where you extracted your files).

    In the left side of the winSCP screen, click on the "bin" folder and drag it over to the right side of the screen. winSCP will prompt you to rename the file. In the box it should say "/*.*" CHange that to say "/bin". (without the quotation marks). It will then give you an overwrite prompt. Allow the program to overwrite the old bin file on the phone. Now that you have the new bin file on the right side of the screen, right click it. GO to "properties" and in the "Octal" text box type "0755" (no quotation marks). Click "ok"

    Now double click the bin file to open it. There should be a large list of files. These are all the commands the iPhone recognizes. scroll down to the "rm" file. This is the binary code used to delete files on the iPhone. Right click it and go to "properties". Again in the "Octal" text box type "0755" now click "ok".

    And you're done! atleast for deleting files. You can go through and change the numbers in the "Octal" box to "0755" on all of those files if you need the other commands, but I was only worried about the delete command.

    You should now be able to go to any file, right click it and then click "delete"
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    Good info.

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    Thank you! It works.

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