I got vnsea to work on my iphone. I love this app because I an connect to my home computer with my iPhone via edge anywhere! But I ran into a couple problems.

1. UltraVNC 1.0.2 keeps crashing! I'll be at work, and find out that I cant connect because UltraVNC crashed at home.

2. So I tried to use the most updated version, hoping they fixed this issue, and have a more stable version.... 1.0.4 RC14. I havent had a chance to really try out how stable it is... mostly because now my Windows taskbar is invisible! I can click on it, and it works, but its invisible. 1.0.2 seems to be the only version that shows my windows taskbar. Also, when I right click, the pop-up window is also invisible.

Is there something I can do to resolve this?