I have an old 8gb from 1.0.2 and upgrade to 1.1.3, use ziphone run -a -u -j, now my baseband is 4.03.13_G, I assume BL still 3.9

So now I just got the 16GB with 1.1.3 and possible BL 4.6 cause it's week 47 and base band 4.03.13_G, if I run Ziphone -a -u -j, will I still have the baseband at 4.03.13_G or Ziphone roll back to 4.02.13_G

Reason I ask because 4.02.13_G does not work in some apps like map/etc

Should I down load the BL to 3.9 so I can get 4.03.13_G ?

Please advice