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Thread: Help with 1.1.3 + SWEPHONE + Summerboard

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    Default Help with 1.1.3 + SWEPHONE + Summerboard
    Have successfully intalled/jailbroken/Activated/unlocked 1.1.3 phone and installed swephone on it. (Swedish keyboard layout etc)

    Here is the problem.

    Some of the icons on spring board have been renamed to Swedish, which have made it impossible for summerboard to display the right icons for the applications. The Swedish icons that does not include the Swedish specifil extra letters I have just been able to rename in summerboards theme folder to make it work. However, 2 of them include these Swedish characters. and

    Preferences I was able to get to work to replacing the icon.png in the folder. however, for the weather this doesn’t work for some weird reason. I have replaced the icon.png with the icon I want in, I have identical setup for preferences and weather, but only preferences work as I want.

    Weather now shows the standard iphne icon for weather. Where does it get it from??? There is no standard icon in the summerboard folder, nor in the folder.

    I also tried rename the weather.png file in summerboard to what is written on the springboard, but WinSCP wont take foreign characters and outputs something weird.

    Weather.png => Väder.png (weather.png)
    Settings.png => Inställningar.png (preferences.png)


    founda solution

    This happens because the new 1.1.2 firmware uses the icon from the Springboard default and not the one from the

    Heres i guide i made up myself to help you guys out on this problem.

    1. SSH your iphone and go to /Application/
    2. copy Info.plist to your desktop
    3. go to this link Binary to XML converter
    4. Click browes on their website and locate your info.plist
    5. Click convert and save your file
    6. Open the converted info.plist in notepad
    7. locate and delete SBIconClass SBWeatherApplicationIcon
    8. paste back the info.plist in your /Application/ folder

    9. you can delete the other icon that is in /system/library/coreservices/, the file name is SBWeatherCelsius.png

    Your all good, now your icon will change along with the summerboard themes.

    If i was able to help you, im really deperate for "thanks" just hit the thanks botton.
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