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Thread: Can't change carrier list

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    Default Can't change carrier list
    Hi guys, I'm trying to edit my carrier list, but from a PC. The only advice anyone has is to use the automated binary to ascii converter link;

    Convert Apple Property list from binary to text XML

    The problem is, it's currently returning a 0kb file, still in binary format. If I click on the other link to the website where the actual conversion is done;

    I get this;

    The requested URL /cgi-bin/plutil/plutil.cgi/ was not found on this server

    If anyone could suggest either where the converter has been moved to or how to convert a binary file to an ascii file on a PC, I would be incredibly grateful.

    Thanks in advance


    Beuller, Beuller, anyone, Beuller??

    Is that dead link really the only way to activate data calls on a 1st gen 2.01 Iphone via a PC?

    I feel I must be missing something here! Is no one else having this problem?
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    You can use my plist converter if you have Perl:

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    I've used Macromedia Dreamweaver to edit plists on the PC.

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