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Thread: iPhone custom ringtones Tut

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    Default iPhone custom ringtones Tut
    Not sure if anyone has figured this out yet most likely though but just in case. This is the way I put custom Ringtones no my iPhone. if this helps please Thank.

    ok try this make sure you have BSD subsystems installed and Openssh on your phone, you also might need mobliefinder

    Go to itunes right click on song , click on get info
    then change the start and stop times. click ok
    then right click on the song and convert selected to AAC, then drag song to a desktop folder called iPhone Ringtones or what ever.
    then download iringer, you might need to first download .netframework but you might not.
    install and start iRinger.
    now go to your iPhone's settings then wifi and get your ip address write it down.
    next click select song in iRinger, and pick the song you made in the desktop folder. then click create playlist.
    next click upload files.
    enter your IP Address and hit ok when it is done the song should play if not you need to do 1 more step.

    now you need moblieFinder installed on you iPhone if not do it.
    when the iPhone soft restarts go to Finder APP

    in the top right corner tap ~ this simbol
    then tap Media twice
    thenthen tap iTunes_Control twice
    then on Ringtones twice
    now you will see 2 versions of the song in the folder ringtones

    ie: whateveryit'scalled.m4a
    ie: whateveryit'scalled.m4r

    now tap the M4a one twice tap on the owner's Exec button
    then tap on the Filename hit the backspace button to remove the a and then hit r
    Tap the Up button in the upper left corner.
    woohla the second one is now gone and only the

    ie: whateveryit'scalled.m4r is there now. hit the home button and go to settings, tap sounds, then tap ringtone it should be at the top under custom ringtones.

    If you have any Questions I'll do my best to answer them.

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    At the risk of stating the obvious, you are running an early firmware version and iTunes version that doesn't allow you to sync ringtomes aren't you.

    Running 1.1.2 and 7.6 means you can create the ringtone in iTunes and have iTunes sync it for you.

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