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Thread: Phone No Longer Vibrates

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    Quote Originally Posted by Core627 View Post
    Your SMS is supposed to do that. Once you tap close, the indicator is supposed to go away. You should download Taskbar Notifier, it will show u texts, missed calls, and emails on your status bar.

    For the vibrate issue. Download ibrate and run it. If the phone vibrates, its not a hardware issue. If it doesnt, your answer is is obvious. You'll need to SSH if the phone vibrates, as something may be wrong with your vibrate plist. Go to: System/Library/Frameworks/celestial.framework, you will be looking for a file named SystemSoundVibrationPatterns.plist. If u have another iphone see if u can copy this plist, if not, let me know and i can send you my plist which works right. Remember, do this only if your phone does vibrate by using ibrate.

    Fontswap hates me as well. My phone did the same spinning apple of death screen, at which point i had to do a restore...i like my fonts now, they like me back, wouldnt change them for the world.....
    could u send me the vibrate file please mine has stoped working but is not a hardware problem thanks

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    to be honest people, I don't believe that no vibration is not due to icon mods etc. and if it was, yes a restore would fix it.

    if you look at the front of your iphone, the vibration motor is located roughly half way down the left side.

    I know this how? I stuffed mine up and have to replace it haha.

    do not that the motor relies on everything being lined up right.

    the motor has 2 screws holding it to the silver ring you see around the whole screen.

    The mainboard (logicboard) then fits in and makes contact to the motor.

    if somehow the mainboard is pushed back more than normal, it looses contact.

    I for one stuffed my motor by trying to lift my silver frame before taking the screen and mainboard out.

    which then made the connectors on the motor (vibrator) snap.

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    My iPhone is returning today from the service...

    The same problem as yours problem is...
    Vibration stops working.

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    My iphone 3GS stopped vibrating a day after PurpleRa1n jailbrake.
    is ibrate still around? I cant find it. I tried the vibrate sbsettings toggle, Massage and keyvib and none of them turn vibrate on, also app store games that use vibrate do not turn it on any more. Any one know if there is a plist file I can look at?

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