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Thread: screen prob help..

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    Default screen prob help..
    i jus got my iPhone 1G a couple of days ago as a gift.. i noticed the lower 1/2 inch touch screen is not working.. wen i read abt it in the forums, many had similar problem.. is there any way to correct it.. im in india n i got this frm the US.. so cant get it exchanged frm the applestore.. is there n patch or something for this??


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    You can try a restore on the phone, however thats usually a hardware defect and requires a new phone.

    You can call Apple or go online and they will send you a box to ship it to them for warranty work and then they will ship it back. However, if you have unlocked it, your warranty is void.

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    Thanks for the reply..

    no its unlocked phone only.. so sendin to apple s not an option.. also i read something abt general.plist.. however i didnt understand it completely.. is it worth tweakin with??? already i upgraded to firmware 2.0 on the first day n i then i had to revert everything back after some difficulty (error 1604 came n i couldnt do anythin then i tried on another comp n it worked) so reg. tweakin things i thought first i ll get to know my iPhone first then do it.. is general.plist safe n does it work??

    P.S i kno a semi-noob.. i hav a PDA n i tweak it often..

    Pls help!!

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