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Thread: Vista/iTunes = Videos & Photos Will NOT Sync (Tried Lots) - PLEASE Help!

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    Default Vista/iTunes = Videos & Photos Will NOT Sync (Tried Lots) - PLEASE Help!
    Alright, I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate, the latest version of iTunes (7.5) and FW 1.1.1 iPhone I got a few days ago. Whenever I try to add a video or photo, after 5 minutes of "syncing" (nothing mind you!) it says the file cannot be displayed on this iPhone. My iTunes freezes for a few minutes when I drag and drop files (other than music) and I've gotten the Blue Screen of Death once or twice. I've tried numerous different things and searched the forums as well as Google and have had no luck.

    Outside of iTunes, is there anyway to add photos/video? This is stressing me out so much and I've wasted hours trying to resolve this. I bought the iPhone so I could watch video on my 15 hours of commute to school every week. Any help would be much, much appreciated..

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    I see where the problem is right off the bat... Vista. If you move back to XP you should have less problems.

    If you don't want to move back to XP, try right-clicking on your video, and select "Convert selected item for iPod/iPhone". This will ensure the video is in a format the iPhone can read. If it doesn't work, we're back to Vista.

    There's no other way to sync Videos/Photos to the iPhone. You can copy them, but you won't be able to use MobileSlideshow or iPod to view them.
    Get "iPod & iTunes for Dummies", it'll change your life.

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    Try uninstalling itunes and then resintalling.... if that does not work then your focus needs to be on vista...

    I would recommend doing a registry clean. based on your blue screen of death

    If all else fails try another computer and if it works reinstall vista...

    I'm using it without issue... I'm a computer engineer, so if you require windows specific help pm me.

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    Thanks, but still having problems. Reinstalling iTunes did nothing. Converting to iPhone via right click did nothing. Blue screen was only once. My friend has an iPhone and vista and he's fine. Odd. I went to try on another PC (XP) but I couldn't add just a video without completely deleting all the music off my iPhone. Re-syncing that would take a long time, however, I will do this tomorrow despite that.

    I really don't want to re-install Vista as I have a countless number of apps on my PC and re-installing them all would take a good full day. Though, if it's my last resort I will. I'll wait it out a bit and hopefully someone on the forums can help me.

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    I got simillar troubles with vista but in different situation and even terribly than you.

    I had the OTB 1.1.2 (jailbreaked and activated on OSX), during few weeks ago I still connected with vista and ran smoothly but now itunes/ibrick 0.91 on my laptop (with vista os) couldn't find my iphone. I've tried to re-installed itunes with another versions (7.3 - 7.5), plugin cable with other usb, hub but nothing change.

    I've checked with connecting ipod touch and itunes recognized it as a device. I connect that iphone on laptop run XP and Macbook Pro, both of them found my iphone.

    I used the vista manager to clean the registry and also try reset the iphone settings , networks ... but still no differences, itunes still doesnt found.

    I really dont understand what the hell problem is.

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    Well i have Vista and iTunes runs great with no problems whatsoever. If it is a Vista problem all you have to do is right click on iTunes and select run as administrator. But i doubt this is the case.

    How much ram do you have in your PC? Maybe your computers just slow? I doubt this is the problem but i figured i would throw it out there.

    I would suggest restoring your iPhone, it may just be a library issue within the phone. Just do a full restore.

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    My lap with core2duo, 1.83Ghz, 2GB rams and during this week, I restored my iphone at least 3 times.

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    No, my computer is really, >really< fast. It's not that. :S

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    I think the problem is iTunes/iPhone related. Both myself and my dad have had problems syncing Videos to the iPhone from either of our XP laptops, and I can't even get iTunes to install on me 64bit vista to try that.

    Photos work fine though, just the vids, they just won't seem to sync. Neither will ringtones in the Ringtone list either mind. Had to use SendSong to do it.

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    I reinstalled vista...still doesnt work. Im trying to install XP but it says i cant install a version on windows older than he currently installed (vista). Anyone know how to resplve this?

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    Are you on 32-bit Vista or 64-bit??

    64bit will not work with iTunes. If this is not it, can you post a screenshot of the problem?

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    it's a problem i tunes has accessing data off a SATA hard drive. this may be due to outdated drivers in vista not communicating with the hard drive problem. (nb this is only apparent in itunes it will normally work fine).

    either download new drivers, or transfer the files you want to sync to an external hard drive or flash drive. i'm using a 4gb sd card in my laptops cardreader to store the photos i want on my iphone. in itunes, select 'sync a folder' (or whater the tick box is called i can't remember!) and choose your other storage device.

    hope this helps, ed

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    I had the same problem on my Hp Laptop, just get your self one of those mini USB drives 2 gb, 4 gb. . . What-ever, make sure it's formatted in Fat32. Transfer the videos & photos you want to sync to the USB flash drive and then sync. Hope it helps. Cheers

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    does it matter what version of itunes you have when syncing music, videos, etc.? will it affect the jailbreak/unlock somehow?

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    Regarding the syncing problems... i had the same problem but what i did was :

    photos : if ur syncing straight from my pictures then i would suggest you make a few folders and then try it... it should surely work

    videos : well try and put'em on itunes and on the Iphone Video tab manually select the videos u want to sync

    hope this helps

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