Hello first let me aplogize if this question has been asked before but for some reason i can not find the answer. What i would like to do its put my own ringtones that i make in my iphone. I have a FTP program that can connect to my iphone with no problem and i can see all the files with no problem but i dont know were to actually put the ring tones in. I do not want to download a free ringtone maker nor do i want to pay some rediculous price like $10 or $15. I think those programs are crap. I have Reson 3.0 from Propellerheads..So can someone just explain to me is it possable to just use a FTP program and just drop the mp3 into the iphone i dont konw what file to drop it in

Operating system:
windows xp home S2
Iphone 1.1.1 --- Yes i was ond of the guys who stand in line for the iphone
Itunes 7.5

thanks you guys