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Thread: Soon to be Iphone Owner (without contract)

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    Default Soon to be Iphone Owner (without contract)
    I'm about to receive an Iphone in a few weeks and had some questions for the pros over in this great forum. Hope you guys can help me out

    Here's some info:

    -I'm getting an 8gb iphone and use windows xp.
    -I have used Cingular (ATT) for about 1.5 years and will be using my current sim card.
    -I am planning on using this method to activate my iphone so I don't need to get a 2yr extension:

    Here's the questions:

    1. By using the above method, will I get those weird usage messages I've heard people with prepaid cards get detailing minutes left and whatnot? I am not using a prepaid card, just my current sim from ATT.

    2. If I sign up for the mediaNet bundle (the $19.99 one), is that all I need in order to use unlimited non wifi internet on the iphone without having to pay extra charges?

    3. If the phone I receive has the new firmware 1.01, will the activation hack above still work without issues? If not - what should I do?

    4. Other then visual voicemail, will my current plan encounter any differences with someone who activated their iphone with att and a 2yr extension?

    5. After it's activated, will future firmware changes affect my phone/activation?

    Thanks a lot to anyone that can help me. The answers to these questions will determine if I'm going to keep or sell my Iphone.

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