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Thread: quInstaller - install apps from PC! No more Installer and Cydia!

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    Arrow quInstaller - install apps from PC! No more Installer and Cydia!
    This is not my project - quInstaller is developed by Blind Guardian from

    quInstaller is the analog of Installer for the iPhone (Windows only at the moment).

    Made by team it is intended to ease installation/uninstallation/backup of iPhone apps and, maybe, to even replace native iPhone installers. You all know how Installer offers few updates of the same app from differents sources, shows you MSEF error etc. Now you can control installation process - you can see what happens during the installation. You can also keep downloaded packages on your computer in case you don't like newer version or it's gone from the repo (like that Millionaire game).

    It works via iPhone USB cable and doesn't require WiFi/EDGE.

    There's categorized sources and packages tree on the left. On top of that is the quick search field. Button on the bottom of the window are Add, Remove and Refresh source. Right-click on Refresh button refreshes all available sources.
    Selected source's info displayed on the right. To download the package press Download Package button. quInstaller downloads the package and builds PXL which could be installed using iPhone PCSuite, iBrickr, iPlugin etc. Future versions will have built-in PXL installer.

    After downloading press Go To PXL Builder. Now you can set PXL builder options - overwrite existing files, set exec attribute to all files, do not delete files upon uninstall. Set appropriate firmware version. If you keep your apps on the user partition you can select path to your Applications/ folder and if you select Create Symlink to App then symlink will be created in /Applications/.

    Caution: be extremely careful when building PXL-file! PXL installation does not backup existing files. If you not sure that you'll be able to restore files after PXL uninstall - select "Permanent" option. Always tick "Permanent" when installing apps that modify system files - such as IntelliScreen, iToday, BiteSMS etc. Otherwise you may have to restore.

    Springboard is restarted after installation and uninstallation. If uninstall procedure affected /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ SpringBoard could hang on restart. In this case you should hard-restart your phone (hold power and home buttons for 10 sec).

    Setting tab gives you fast access to downloaded packages and built PXLs. There's also User Agent option. Unfortunately, not all repos allow different UA strings. If some source won't load or refresh - try changing the UA string.

    quInstaller @

    As always, author does not take any liability for this program.

    Currently, support for quInstaller available only at

    You can send your comments and requests to [email protected]
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    Nice. I'll have to try this out when I get home. Looks great...
    OK, well one problem right off the bat...most of it's in Russian...
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    really? russian?
    that sucks.

    i was just thinkin bout somethin like this when i heard a bunch of apps went legit on the app store.

    i remember thinkin, i wish i had a copy of the old free working version still. nothing to stop it from still working?

    sucks. all those great apps gone forever. (translation= cause i aint payin for ****!!!)

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    Has quInstaller been updated you work with 2.0?
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    I'm pretty sure 2.0 jailbreak has to be released first...

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    So will this dl the apps without having the device connected? I need a app that is for 1.1.4 and its not in cydia and need to dl it

    Quote Originally Posted by xj.archaeologist View Post
    Nice. I'll have to try this out when I get home. Looks great...
    OK, well one problem right off the bat...most of it's in Russian...
    You can change it to english really easily. Just open the app and click the third tab and where there is a box that says russian change it to english and restart the app.
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