I had a problem with the keyboard on my iphone (1.1.1 unlocked anysim 1.1)... everytime that I would open anything that needed the keyboard the phone would crash to home. It is a long story... but I thought I could fix it with iphonebrowser... I got messing with that Services.plist, turned off the phone and computer and like magic everything is working on the phone! That makes me very glad since I thought I was going to have to do something drastic. Now it can't be recognized by itunes and I get "unknown error 0xE8000022" and also iphonebrowser tells me plug in my iphone. I think I have to replace that Services.plist but I cannot get into the phone. I've got WinSCP but I have no wifi so that's not working real well.... does anyone have any good ideas on how I'm going to fix this thing?