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Thread: change file and folder permissions

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    Default change file and folder permissions
    hi friends

    trying for some time to find windows application to change file permissions on my iphone.

    winscp or puty want work couse my PC and my iphone are not connected to the same router.

    don't want to configure any modem and routers to IP forwarding for combine the iphone and my PC.

    just looking for win app to do the job some ting like iphonelist or iPhoneBrowser. to manage changing permissions.


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    As far as I know, only SSH'ing can change permissions OR install on your iPhone. You can set the permissions with it.

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    thanks - but mobilefinder don't change permissions for folders , only for files
    i thought that will but it also going only for files

    still looking for a win app that can do the trick directly from PC (like winscp)


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    You should probably install BSD Subsystem, Terminal or Term-vt100, and use the command line.

    cd to the parent directory, and then use chmod to set the permissions.

    Having said that, MobileFinder is able to change folder permissions on my iPhone. Do you have the latest version? Under Misc|About, mine says v1.8.0

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    You guys really know how to not help and really get it more complicated
    theres a guide i made for people who dunno command line and stuff... here it is

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    Maybe you missed where he said Squid and MobileFinder didn't work for him?

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    i have the same problem...tried moblie finder...crashes...

    trying iphone pc suite.... doesn`t recognize my itunes or iphone...

    can`t find squid...cannot SSH because no internet, no wireless.

    Just want ONE SIMPLE WORKING PROGRAM on my PC, where I can rename permissions. GAH.

    ha ha i just noticed the "what`s jailbreak" attached to my name!! Not fair!! I know THAT much at least! ha ha
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    The answer is simple - there isn't one.

    The afc2 service used by USB programs to access the filesystem does not have any API support for permission changing, as far as has been figured out already.

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    Set the wireless adapter on your pc to ad hoc mode and log your phone onto it winscp and ssh should do ya then?
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