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Thread: Why don't the iPhone have a CAPS LOCK button?

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    Default Why don't the iPhone have a CAPS LOCK button?
    I sucessfully upgraded my phone to 1.1.2 and it's running great! However, I thought the new firmware would have a CAPS LOCK button on the keyboard and to my disappointment it doesn't. You don't know how annoying it is to keep hitting the shift key if you want all caps on your text message, notes or wherever. Is it that hard to have such a feature Apple? Perhaps it will be on firmware 1.2.x?

    In addition to having a CAPS LOCK button, it would be nice to have a split spacebar when you're on the .?123 keyboard. The reason for this if you want to type some numbers follow by a space and then some characters such as / $ or &, well when you hit the space bar, it takes you back to the letter keyboard. Very annoying. So having a split keyboard allowing you to stay in the number's keyboard or go back to the letter keyboard. This would also be great feature to have!

    Just my 2 cents...

    What other suggestions do you guys have that would make this phone even better?
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    You have a good point.
    you might want to send it to apple..

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    it does to go into caps just double tap the Shift button and it should turn blue worked for me
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    Yes, that's it!

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    Nope, it doesn't work. I double tapped the shift button on text message and notes and it just turns caps on and off. Did you install an app that allow you to get caps lock?

    Oh, I just thought of another recommendation. How about the ability to delete the entire's day worth of notes? I mean I have like 5 items on one day and several more items on another day and so on and so forth. For me to delete them all, I have to delete one by one which can be very time consuming and tedious. My old Samsung has that feature. Wish my iphone has it too.
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    Make sure you are double tapping quick enough. The iPhone does have Caps Lock.

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    It has caps when you double-tap only if its set to "Yes" on the keyboard preferences.

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    Thank you! That's what I was missing! I didn't realize there was an option for caps lock. haha... should've explored my phone a little bit more. now I got caps lock! Hmmm.. wonder if the other features I recommended is already in in the iphone... nahhhhh.. I think I would have to wait for them...

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