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    Yesterday I put my iphone in a dock for one of my friends stereo's, then lines started to appear on my screen and basically the matrix was happening up down left and right. so i take my iphone off quickly and restart it holding sleep+home. then i load it up again all is well, about 1hour later i get a text and then all of a sudden my battery is SO LOW and hten it goes 30% 20% 10% and then its like POWER SHUT OFF ors omthing like that

    Think somthing got fried? cause now i cant even recharge it OR connect to itunes. i dont think the restore mode is working and it shouldnt be a software problem.

    I read some things on other sites and it seems like putting it in some docks fries the mobo or battery, so the new question is since my phone is jailbroken can i still get it fixed?

    UPDATE: So I'm sending the phone back and hopefully they will just replace the battery or w.e is fried and send it back and not care that I have jailbroken = ].

    So does anybody know what will happen since my iphone was jailbroken and has about every app in the world.

    The fried battery or mobo i dunno i heard two different situations.
    If the warranty does become void will i have to pay the 80 for the battery or do you think 250 for a whole new phone. or will they just mail it back.
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