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Thread: Need experience: syncing with two computers

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    Default Need experience: syncing with two computers
    OK, follow this one, it'll get tricky. I'm asking for my sister, since she's considering buying an iPhone.

    Say you sync your iPhone with a computer at home, managing your music, videos and bookmarks. Then you go to work, and you want to sync it with your office PC. With me so far?

    Now, I know if you try to sync the work computer's music library to the iPhone, it'll erase all the stuff you got from your home library. But what I want to know is, if you've specifically set your work computer's iTunes preferences to NOT manage music/videos/bookmarks, will it leave all that stuff alone on the device?

    I know about Swaptunes, I use it myself. But this is my sister we're talkin' about here, and she's not gonna go for the phone if it needs to be jailbroken to do what she wants it to do. And, to add more confusion into the mix, odds are her home computer will be a Mac, and work machine will be a WinXP box.

    Any help appreciated.

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    I have multiple computers at home and connect my iPhone to each one. As far as contacts/calendar/settings you can "merge" the info, or just set it to not update at all.

    iTunes will automatically ask you what you want to do when you plug it into a different computer.

    By default iTunes will set itself up to NOT sync music/pics/videos/podcasts etc on the second computer, preserving the contents on the phone.

    Hope that helps.

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    Working fine here, syncing calendar and address book at work, syncing music at home. It will give you a warning about erasing everything the first time, that only applies to what you've actually selected to be syncing.

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    to sync music with multiple computers do the following

    on Host computer
    navigate to "my Documents/my Music" directory
    copy "itunes" folder

    on guest computer
    navigate to "my Documents/my Music" directory
    paste "itunes" folder

    start Itunes & sync

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    Beautiful, thanks for the input guys. I wanted to try it with the two Macs I've got here, but when I unchecked the boxes for music and videos, I was given a warning that all content would be erased if I chose not to manage music. I'll give it a dry run before I tell my sis to buy one.

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