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Thread: iASIGN Method with current iphone simcard works. rollback your acount then apply it

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    Default iASIGN Method with current iphone simcard works. rollback your acount then apply it
    Not sure if this is old news but this method worked great, as long as your in your 14 day grace period and already had an AT&T/ Cingular account.

    I used the iASIGN method.

    Here's what I did. I had my old sim I was going to reuse from my old phone. After doing the iASIGN method, it wouldn't activate. (AT&T shut it down and used the new iphone one.)

    I called and cancelled my Iphone account. She told me to use my iphone sim card in my old phone and it would work. Then used the iASIGN method with the current iphone simcard.

    It said waiting for activation, then activated. I had them roll back to my old data plan (unlimited data, 1500 sms and 300 mms for 19.99)

    My visual voice mail just dials VM, YouTube works fine over Wifi, haven't tried edge yet.)

    Point being you can get an iphone, if you previously had AT&T, cancel with in 14 days, and still use your iphone with your old plan.

    (Same as article says except you just keep your existing Iphone card.)

    They even left my visual voicemail on, I could of had the lady switch my data plan to the iPhone with some social engineering, but I had them change it back because my old internet plan has 1500 sms verses 200 for the same price...

    You have to have the iphone data plan for the visual VM to work. I set up my old VM, and everything is working except edge.

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    I had the same data plan as the above poster.

    I Didn't swap out the sim card. I'm using my sim card from my old phone and never activated with AT&T in any way (I bought the iphone from the apple store).

    I don't have Visual VM and YouTube doesn't work over anything (WiFi or edge)... everything else works great...

    We'll see what happens when they update the firmware...

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    Hmm, Youtube works over WiFi, does your edge work?

    If the iphone will work with an iphone data plan being activated with iAsign. (I'm pretty sure I can talk them into giving me that data plan)

    or Both. I don't want them to have my imei risking it getting black listed...

    I think I'm gonna call them and try it. (back to iphone data plan)

    ok, called and EDGE is down in several states right now and they are working on it....
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    Edge works fine... in fact everything has been working perfectly...

    except YouTube... no matter what I use (wifi or edge) I get the "Cannot Connect to YouTube" error...

    No Visual VM as well, but I guess I should have expected that on the old data plan...

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    "Could not activate EDGE: You are not subscribed to EDGE"

    That's what I get.... 8(

    YouTube works fine w/ WIFI though. Wondering if it phone specific...


    The AT&T rep fixed my data plan and everything works w/ edge now, including YouTube.
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