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Thread: Changing Carrier Logo Question?

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    Default Changing Carrier Logo Question?
    Ok, So I did the whole Jailbreak with Vista, )by the way do I have to do that everytime before phoneinterface everytime, or jsut the once?)

    Anywho, Then I ran phoneinterface, and I did the steps, added both and I got both as filereg 1 for each. Then i typed exit, disconnected my phone and turned it off, then on again. but nothing happened. AM I doing something wrong?



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    Post your cmd session in here.

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    Ok, Im at work now, but this is what it was saying last night:

    iphone# "and I typed" cd /System/Library/CoreServices/ "return"
    iphone/System/Library/CoreServices/ "then I type" putfile /System/Library/CoreServices/ "return"

    filereg 1

    iphone/System/Library/CoreServices/ "then I type" putfile /System/Library/CoreServices/ "return"

    filereg 1

    "then I type" exit

    Then I unplug the iphone, and power it down, and restart it.

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    You only have to run jail break once i think. Did you have custom files in there or the orginals? Try this its a bit simpler.
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