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Thread: I am an idiot. Please Help

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    Default I am an idiot. Please Help
    hey guys so i decided to screw around with Customize (rSBT icon arranger).


    long story short installer,customize, and ended up in the hidden icons field. ssh is turned OFF and i don't have access to any of the above apps.


    edit: none of the iphone browsers work. i've jailbroken through looks like it's time for a restore?
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    holy shiz! how did that happen?!? Unless someone knows something I don't, I think the only option u have is to restore ur phone and start from scratch since all the apps u need to undo this are! wish I had better news...

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    i was just being a complete idiot........

    currently looking for browser compatible with PC for 1.1.1 that is jailbreaked using app snapp.

    gosh i'm an idiot

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    No (jailbreak) file browser can access your phone due to AppSnap not creating afc2 service.

    Do you still have SSH running? You can use WinSCP or FileZilla to access files.

    Have you installed Terminal or Finder? You can add afc2 service using these, then climb up from there using iPhoneBrowser.

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    lol i had ssh turned off to conserve battery life. well that ended up biting me in the ***. the irony

    bright side: i still have a not-so-cluttered springboard and cool theme

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    I wonder what would happen if u visited via safari?? would it put installer back on ur springboard...???!!

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    when i click the appsnapp link it just hangs on the .tif page. i'll keep trying

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    Quote Originally Posted by hernz View Post
    when i click the appsnapp link it just hangs on the .tif page. i'll keep trying
    If nothing works restore... You just have to run Carnival and it's back to standard. I didn't even had to unlock it Only activation and didn't take very long.
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