I got the 1.0.2 unlocked and used it for 2 months with great success then reviginized it to sell and upgrade to a 1.1.1 but then heard about various problems and decided to keep it so I unlocked it again. Now it won't connect to Itunes. I have tried to connect it to different USB ports different cables, uninstall iTunes 7.4.2 and go to 7.3.x then back to 7.4.2 with no luck. Interesting thing is that I can hear my computer recognise a new device being hooked up and the phone gives the double vibrate to signal that it has power yet iTunes and iBrickr dont see it.
This is the error that I get everytime the phone is connected. Itunes will say connecting to iPhone for 2 seconds then this will pop up and iTunes will freeze.

I should also add that it will sync with my laptop just fine but all my music is on the desktop. Any idea what is going on here?