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Thread: iPhone 1.1.4 Firm and Tzones

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    Default iPhone 1.1.4 Firm and Tzones
    Hi everyone, I jusr recently purchased my 8gb unlocked iphone and am trying to get my internet set up. I went ahead and went online this morning and added the tzones. Most say to wait 24 hrs but I have a backup phone (not an iphone) from tmobile so I put my sim card in and I had full access to tzones. I went to installer and installed the 1.1.3 t zone hack along with bigboss's beta/experience. I filled my APN to and left user/password blank. I have a capital "E" which I assume its EDGE on my top left of the main screen. When I check my mail it works, but safari, weather, maps, dont work. I am able to open installer but if I try to install something it starts displaying downloading package but there is no progress on the bar then few seconds later it says "Error - package download failed" can someone please help me out?


    hey guys, just to update you on my issues with the internet not working. I finally called tmobile and told them that I have an iphone, I was expecting to hear "well sir, unfortunately we dont support iphones bla bla bla" instead I hear "congratulations that is an awesome phone, let me set you up" I told them that I need them to configure my edge settings for use with the iphone. The guy that was helping me out transfered me to technical support and the other guy helped me out by so "configuring my iphone to work with tmobile edge" he told me that I needed t mobile's total internet package which was $19.99 but I told him that I would like to hold off for now, he said umm ok. anyways at the end of the conversation he told me to try putting under "APN" but in like 2 seconds he told me, you know what... not to make this call worthless I am going to give you about 2 weeks to use the total internet plan just enter "" so thats exactly what I did and voila everything works including youtube. Lets hope it keeps working "fingers crossed"
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    this is good i aint think that t-mobile would help out being that the phone is not a tmobile device

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    about the tzones..does it come included in the regular post paid tmobile phone plans?because at times with my nokia 5300 i could get internet access.

    so is the tzones data plan the same thing or do I need to (buy) add the feature for the iphone?

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    no internet comes for free from t-mobile. you probably did experience free internet at times, as many t-mobile customers did, throughout 2007 while t-mobile was upgrading their security authentication. i had free internet for a few months. for the iphone you will need to add the total internet package, which is equivalent to at&t's edge network, or you will need to add t-zones, which is the 5.99/per month internet plan that is supposed to only give you a few things via wap internet like sports scores, and weather and stuff, on normal everyday and old school cellphones. if you choose that, a small amount of hackery will be involved, and things like your youtube app may or may not work, but safari will work pretty much just as good and as fast as the "total internet" package (and allow you to go to any website, not just get sports scores of course).

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