So I just successfully upgraded from an anysim, unlocked, 1.0.2 out of the box iphone.

For all those people out there who downgraded from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 and unlocked, I am pretty sure there is no solution for you that will work to get back to 1.1.1 from what I have read.

There are a lot of guides out there and it can get hella confusing which one to follow so here's a simplified version combining different guides.

1. Go here: and use Kengz's chart to determine what sort of iPhone you are upgrading to. (Really sick chart!)

2. When you get to the stage of restoring 1.1.1 in iTunes, use this guide: and start at #2 RESTORE YOUR IPHONE OR UPDATE TO 1.1.1. Remember to download the 1.1.1 firmware separately. I don't think you should just click "update to 1.1.1" in iTunes at this stage. Requires a bit more.

3. Once your iPhone is back to the connect to itunes, virgin state: download Carnival: Best freakin jailbreaking, activating tool there is. Make sure to donate

4. Go back to: and start at #5 Unlocking. Before you can unlock though, make sure to install BSD Subystem and openSSH in the that Carnival puts in for you (make sure to update that too before installing the two packages mentioned)

5. You're done!

I used some other guides that did not go so well and was definitely freaking out. But I managed to use this method--even during the middle of that other guide--and got it all to work in the end. So if you are stuck somewhere in another guide, this one should get you out.


1. You should have WinSCP and Putty installed already. You need these right from the beginning.

2. All the files you need are located somewhere in those guides I've posted.

3. Qo I lose all my files, settings, programs?
A: do a sync in iTunes of everything you want before doing all this. you'll only lose 3rd party apps but everything else should be there after doing a final sync with your new 1.1.1 iPhone

4. Q: is it really worth it?
A: not really. At one point in the guide, I was really regretting it. other than the feeling of having a fresh new iPhone, you aren't missing much by updating.

4a. Q: should I????
A: if you already have an idea of what to do, done your research... then yeah. Go for it. This guide should take no longer than half an hour I think.

5. Q:Where are openSSH and BSD Subsystem???
A: Install Community Sources in installer first. Then look again, dumbass. ;D

6. Q: the Carnival link or, such and such link won't work to get such and such file. wtf?
A: Just stop where you are and if your phone still works, just stop updating. If you can't dig up a file, you shouldn't be updating.

remember to donate and quit asking stupid questions without searching.