Okay I found out today that pxl.ibrickr.com was not working on the new Labyrinth_0.4.0 game which by the way rocks! So heres a quick and easy guide to getting the game installed.

This is for people who have already have access to their phones file system

1. download Labyrinth at http://tocon.ownit.nu/Labyrinth/Labyrinth_0.4.0.zip

2. start up iBrickr

3. If you dont have it already, you need Mobile Squid. To download click applications, then the browse application button in iBrickr, find Mobile Squid and download and install this app.

4. Unzip Labyrinth_0.4.0.zip to your desktop or somewhere you will remember.

5. With ibrickr, go to the main menu and choose the option "Files". Open the directory applications/... inside you should see folders for most of your apps such as Maps.app. Create new folder, name it labyrinth.app.

6. Now open this folder, and choose "upload File(s)" and select all the files from the Labyrinth_0.4.0 folder on your desktop or the location you extracted it to. The files should look like, info.plist, level0.txt ect.

7. Once all the files are uploaded you will now do the rest from your iPhone itself.

8. Open Mobile Squid and navagate to "Applications/Labyrinth.app/

9. Click on each file and change the permissions to 511 (777) which can be done by allowing read, write, and exec in owner, group, and other. Just tap the green boxes to check them in and hit apply. Do this to all the files within this folder.

10. Now restart your iPhone. Turn it back on and TADA! there ya go.

Please let me know if this helped anyone.