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Thread: Volume Boost / Increased Overall Volume for any FW ?

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    Default Volume Boost / Increased Overall Volume for any FW ?

    Are there any known method / patch / hack to BOOST or INCREASE the Overall Iphone Volume?

    What I'm looking for is to improve Iphone SPEAKERPHONE, RINGTONE, and EARPIECE VOLUME.

    I'm currently using iPhone v1.1.3. Anyone have any idea to Boost the original iPhone Volume.

    Hopefully some one can show me a method or SOURCE to get it thru Installer.

    Please help & advice...


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    use the iclarified source (google iclarified and search) and go to 1.1.3 tweaks and download the volume boost package.

    Don't forget to "thanks" lol

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    Thanks for the direction and advice.

    I did already use iClarified Source and installed the Volume Boost. (Not Too Loud)

    Does anyone know where to obtain Patch or Hack that allow you to EDIT AND SET YOUR IPHONE VOLUME MUCH LOUDER?

    I thought I saw "iAmp" somewhere. Not sure how to use it or Edit it to make it Louder. Anyone?

    Please advice...


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    this is the only option for increased speaker volume---- i've done it and it works 100%

    Quote= You actually put a little needle through the holes?? Is it likely that it is a thin layer of plastic that restricts the sound

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