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Thread: 1 Touch Speed Dial and 1 Touch Hompage link on your main screen

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    Default 1 Touch Speed Dial and 1 Touch Hompage link on your main screen
    i have 6 speed dial buttons and a homepage 1 touch quick links on my Iphone main screen

    thanks for the help of 2 post i combined to achieve Iphone perfection.

    i kept getting error msg when i tried ap tapper so i had to do it the manual way.

    1)oh make buttons with corel or photoshop first use a button from app tapper as a example.

    2)next down load a working button app already done like domino zip i found in the forum or a webpage working app from app tapper.

    get hex editor i used
    30day free trial

    open the info.plist of the app you downloaded
    and change the


    change Mothers to name you want to see on Iphone

    next change the bottom section here
    change phone number to your own.

    use ibrickr to open Iphone applications/
    creat new application folder named in my case

    you have to actually name it
    this name must be exact to one you used with the hex editor it is case sensitive.

    then upload the 4 files you have from the button app example making the icon your own all to this new folder own your Iphone.


    power off Iphone and turn back on.

    use squid

    to open applications on Iphone and open the info.plist and embark files set thier permissions to Exec owner and other.

    reboot again and you have it,,,,,,,,

    thanks to this group for my tweaked out Iphone

    larger link

    larger link
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    SkiHound ,,, Loves his Iphone,

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    I enjoy the fact that right under your Mothers picture, is a pair of huge boobs.

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    i love it pull out my phone touch 1 button and i am talking to wifey,,,,what a concept...
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    SkiHound ,,, Loves his Iphone,

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    SkiHound ,,, Loves his Iphone,

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