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Thread: I must be retarded (1.1.1 problems)

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    Default I must be retarded (1.1.1 problems)
    I have been sitting in front of my computer for the better part of a beautiful Saturday now, and I cannot, for the life of me, get AppTapp onto my now updated 1.1.1 phone. I went through all of the steps as listed, checked it over and over and over, but I cannot connect to my phone w/ WinSCP. I was going to go back and downgrade to 1.0.2 but alas, that guide is coming up short. My questions are as follows:

    What file do I actually use to "restore" my phone to 1.0.2 in the file that I created w/ the old software in it (through iTunes)?

    When checking for the directories w/ the 'ls' command, where shoud they be? Mine weren't in the <root> directory, they were in /var/root or something like that.

    Thanks will be given to anyone that can help me out, and if you are in the Mid-A area, Ill buy you a beer.
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    well first off, I think you should continue to try to upgrade. I had no problems when following unclears guide. I did have connection refusal problems, however, after doing the steps over and over again and trying the alternate methods, it worked. If you are getting this error, you may want to try the other methods, there are 2 other methods listed in the guide, just take it slow and do them over and over again, it should work eventually.

    i dont know what you mean by ls command, i think the only reference to ls, is to check to make sure there were the right stuff in the directory. if your ls command works, doesnt that mean you can scp into your phone?

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