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Thread: Anybody moving away from Apple iPhone?

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    Default Anybody moving away from Apple iPhone?
    I like tech and and I'm not an Apple fanboy although I own several Apple products - iPod, Apple TV2, iPhone. My wife recently upgraded her iPhone 3GS to a Samsung Galaxy S4, admittedly with my encouragement. We felt the iPhone 5 was not as nice overall and we were sold on the bigger screen. The screen on the 4S and 5 are so small when viewed side by side with the newer phones.

    I am still using my 4S because I'm waiting to see what Apple does with the next iPhone. Of course there are tons of rumors about what we can expect but I wanted to know if other ModMyi members were similarly unimpressed with the iPhone 5 and with rumors that the next iPhone will have the same form factor.

    I'm a little concerned about losing my jailbreak tweaks but I think many of them are now standard in Android and IOS anyway.

    Id there any functionality in a jailbroken iPhone that can't be reproduced in a high end Android phone?


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    Default introduction
    hey .. this is Jere and I'm in a profession of mobile application development at Ohio based computing firm .. my work domain is modeling OS for mobile devices .. being indulged a lot into the technical issues i've come up with the more programming issue to discus here.. and one more thing .. I'm good with my Apple iPhone and haven't found any apt replacement of it...

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    I personally thought the iPhone 5 was pretty good. Yet again, I'd like to see what they do with the next gen, but I definitely don't think the iPhone 5 was a bust.

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    I actually tried to swap to a NoteII since I really wanted a larger screen and was piss## when the Iphone 5 came out with what they called a larger screen. Anyway, I lasted 2 days and I went back. Biggest issue was that I could not see the screen when outside, even with the brightness turned way up. since the android uses a black background and white writing for the contacts and other thinegs it is difficult to read in sun. With apple, the background is white and writing in black, much easier to read. With the android, I ended up having to use two hands to answer a call because I had to find the on button and slide it, horrible...

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    i guess iphone still have to do few more mods to satisfy its customers or get in more customers.

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    oh i was in plan to buy iphone 5

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