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Thread: CDMA vs GSM

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    Default CDMA vs GSM
    Firstly I'm in the UK and all our phones here are GSM (that I'm aware of).
    Now I'm looking for a little lesson here
    I understand that CDMA has no sim and the handset Is tied to the network ie Verizon, surely this de-values the resale price right? If this is the case what's the benefit of choosing CDMA in the first place is it down to initial outlay/start up cost?
    Also out of interest does the CDMA IPhone still have the sim slot? Can it be reverted back to GSM?
    knowledge is power lol

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    No the Verizon iPhone doesn't have the slim slot. Depending on how you look at it CDMA has the benefit of all the info being on the phone rather than a SIM. If a CDMA phone is reported stolen or lost it can never be used on the original network again unless it's reported as found by the owner. It's the same deal if a phone was cut off for non payment of balance. This makes it a hassle buying a used CDMA phone, because you have to make sure it has a "clean ESN" if you want to use it on the original carrier. Bad ESN phones can be flashed for use smaller CDMA carrier's like Cricket and Metro PCS.

    I've sold several phones online. GSM phones go for a little more, but clean ESN CDMA phone fetch good prices too.

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