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Thread: iphone with no data plan??

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    Yea i don't get why you'd want the iphone if you don't want a data plan?

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    Default iPhone without data plan
    If you'd read the whole thread you'd know I already have an unlimited data plan with Verizon so i don't want to buy another data plan, two data plans if you count my parnter. If I need to use the web with the phone I'll use wifi on our home network or any free wifi available.

    My partner and I each have 3G iPhones but we rarely make or receive phone calls. We use the devices for all the other features, like notes, camera,
    music, calculator, timer, stopwatch. It's way more than a phone. It's outrageous that anyone should have to pay AT&T $15 a month to use your own device and that's why we jailbroke/unlocked them.

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    so there is no way to "spoof" AT&T, tricking them into thinking you are using a simple text and call only phone? i'm not sure if that's what is meant by the "IEEI".
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    I believe if you add a dumb phone plan with unlimited data and put that sim in your iPhone they wont be able to detect your phone and wont force you into a data plan. This is assuming that there is some way to block your imei being sent to them, which I dont know is possible

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    I just used a dumb phone to set up my account with AT&T ($10 unlimited data plan). They used the imei off of the (dumb 3g)phone in their system, edited my carrier file to work on the data plan. Got a few txt about how I need to upgrade my service. Called in and complained that I have to keep the dumb phone from work and I had put my sim in an iPhone a couple times just playing around. Told them I don't want anymore messages about it and the woman said ok. In 5 minutes it was done after that put sim back in iPhone haven't had a problem at all since. As for pay as you go I'm sure a 2g can be used without data on payg not sure about newer ones. H2O is probably your best bet or straight talk if you can find the e71x Nokia phone for the sim.

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