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Thread: Data - Cant Connect when on 3G

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    Default Data - Cant Connect when on 3G
    I have been experiencing a new issue, and want to know if this is isolated, or other people have/are experiencing the same problem.

    At work where I have always received generally good reception and data connection, I am now receiving none, the problem is that my phone is supposedly receiving a full 3G signal. This is also happening to two of my co-workers, where their iPhones indicate 3G is available, yet they have no data connectivity.

    I find it odd, because for over a year I have been getting decent-to-good coverage, and now I can not connect until I leave the office.

    Any thoughts or tips on this matter at hand?
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    same issue here. I also often cannot send calls, get voice mails, or send texts. If I turn off 3g then I have full signal for edge and full service again. I have been chasing this for a month! I have fully restored more time than i now remember. all the way down to wiping the phone and setting it up as new on a new computer with a new iTunes install. Does turning off 3G fix the issue for you as well??

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    Normally I never have a signal problem but lately I have lost all signal at times (searching..) or no data connection. I read somewhere that AT&T is installing a 4g network it may be them upgrading in the area. Other then that I have no idea what's causing it.

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    Same problems with my new 3G enabled phone, if you get any resolution, I love to check your post.

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    I was experiencing no connectivity to the 3G network here in Orlando. So i gave my 3G iPhone a reboot and now i have connectivity.. Maybe the phone is having issues with switching from wifi back to 3G..

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    @socialcrmk : A big possibility is that 3 G is getting out of date or maybe your Service Provider is upgrading to or switching to 4 G or something. You could provide some more detail as well. In all cases I recommend to visit their office and have the problem looked over.

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