Okay so why would the iphone 4 be a software issue, well lets see now, it seems that all it takes for the reception to degrade is when one finger bridges the two antennas on the left side, and its effecting many users around the world, but then why is a case sometimes not helping at all or very little?

so why would it be a software issue, here is where i may lose some of you lol. the iphone 3g and 3gs with the ios 4 software seem to exhibit the same issue as the iphone 4 which obviously also runs the ios 4 update. now typically when there is a software bug, it doesn't always effect everyone, there is always the small handful that doesn't experience this issue at all, or very mildly. like just today i used a 3gs with ios 4 and for the life of me could not get the signal to drop, but then i see others on youtube being able to reproduce this. The whole explination about the baseband not calibrating the signal properly might actually make sense in this case.

In general after seeing both sides of the issue, honestly I really dont know if this is a hardware issue or a software issue, but why all of a sudden are 3g and 3gs users also seeing such almost exact behavior with ios 4? and then again why would such a big company release a product knowing such a significant yet obvious design flaw? if you ask me it may be a combination of both ios 4 and the antenna design.

but leave your comments on what you think, but please don't troll.