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Thread: Apptapp in windows

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    Default Apptapp in windows
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    this program makes getting started with an iphone so much easier out of the box. I'm not sure if it jailbreaks the phone but it enables root access easier and faster than jailbreak and it installs the installer as a bonus!!! I love it.

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    No matter what i do, I cant get it to work on my phone. I goes into restore mode and it says its copying files to the phone but stays that way for over 6min. I have to keep restoring the phone everytime.
    btw the same thing happens with ibrickr.

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    does apptap also jailbreak or do i need to do something else?

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    Once you install you can then install the ssh client, and then you can access your iphone via winscp (free program) wirelessly. Makes modding so much easier

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    well with a hunch i decided to install vista on another partition and what do you know winstaller worked great. after that i used ibrick and that also started working. so i guess something was wrong with my xp install. anyway its working great

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    I am having problems with the installed onto my iPhone. I keep getting the following error, "Download failed: connecting to host".

    Anyone else having the same issue?

    I have the following configuration:
    iphone: 1.02
    iTunes: 7.4.3
    macfee fw: diabled
    iTunes application: closed
    iTunes helper: closed
    ipodservice: closed

    Figured out the error message, the app was failing to download the image due to my proxy.
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    I just installed app tapp on my phone and it works great. but, i was wondering if it possible to change Carrier logos, icon images and slide bar with this app also how about ringtones?

    I read about ibricker and I not sure if it would be safe if i used both , I'm pretty new at this so take it easy on me.

    quick responses would be greatly appreciated.

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    iBrickr is much more versatile. It is ok to use both (just not at the same time) as they both pretty much just talk to the phone...not a big deal there.
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    Default stuck
    after restoring and running apptapp i receive a message saying : "Failed sending info to iphone" any suggestions?

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    I am having the same problem as Sanguine88, when i try to download most of the applications in the Installer the message "Error--Package Download Failed!" pops up immediately. I've been able to download 2 games, and a wallpaper application and thats it. I just bought this phone a few days ago its 1.1.4, my brother hacked and i'm clueless. any help?

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