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Thread: Jailbreak and Unlock 2.x on Windows

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    Question Quick Question: Best firmware to install on iPhone 2G
    I have a 1st gen iPhone that I've been using for about 1.5 years, factory installed v1.0.2 firmware so I knew it would be unlockable with no problems (at the time, v1.1.3 and later software were still touch and go). Anyway, I have some experience in jailbreaking/unlocking something like a dozen iphones for people (including myself) using software such as Anysim, Apptapp, Pacay, iBrickr, Ziphone, etc.

    I had installed dozens of 3rd party apps through Installer (before App store even existed) and used/ing T-mobile all this time, so I've been pretty successful so far. However ...

    Just yesterday my phone kept booting to the yellow triangle, requesting iTunes assistance, and I could not get it to full boot. I tried connecting with Winscp, iBrickr, no dice. I tried reinstalling just certain portions of software to unlock again (trying to avoid firmware reformat), but no luck. At the minimum, I wanted to see if I could backup all the data on the phone to some folder and try to put it back later; but no luck

    So I bit the bullet and reinstalled firmware, deciding to upgrade while I'm at it to v1.1.4 which has a few improved features. Before I spend the next 6 months restoring all my customizations and apps (not to mention having lost ALL my contacts, calendar info, notes, youtubes, etc.), I would like to assess the best options.

    1. Should I leave at v1.1.4 for any reason?
    2. I read that I would have to upgrade to at least v2.0 firmware to use App store apps. Is this true?
    3. If so, should I upgrade to Just v2.0 ... or should I go the extra mile and upgrade to v2.2.1 (or something inbetween)?
    4. I could really use some expert guidance here on pros and cons of just which firmware I should use for the following criteria:
    a. Stability - I don't want any more crashes and data loss.
    b. Performance - Which firmware do you guys feel will provide the greatest number of "tweaks" and improvements for usability while not risking my phone needlessly to get just "5%" improvement?
    c. Versatility - Which level of firmware will allow me the greatest flexibility when it comes to modding, customizing, putting both Apple and non-Apple "approved" 3rd party apps?
    d. User Friendly - Whatever firmware is suggested, I want a simple, direct, reliable, fool-proof way to Unlock, Jailbreak, use t-mobile, use all kinds of 3rd party apps, etc. Like I said, I'm not inexperienced with cracking these phones, but out of the loop for a few months and would like the best software available that requires no special writing of code, creating special gadgets to unlock, etc.
    5. Perhaps most important - Is there any way to scan the drive of this phone and retrieve "deleted" data? I have FinalData software but never tried it on an iPhone. Any other way to get my data back? When I connected to iTunes, it mentioned a backup or "restore option" dated November 2008. I would have been thrilled to back up to this point, even though I might not get to upgrade to v1.1.4, but I must have done something wrong and now I can't find that option. Any way to bring it back up in iTunes? Please provide any options/opinions you can.

    So what is the general consensus - What is the best firmware version and jailbreak/activate method for a 1st gen iPhone (currently on v1.1.4)? I've been reading about all this Pwntool and Pwnage but don't really get it. I would rather avoid creating some special, custom firmware or anything else that might increase the possibility of it not working right, unless I'm being overly cautious and these are now the best tools?? idk

    Please respond asap since I'm literally just waiting for some more experienced advice so I can choose the right upgrade approach and get started on restoring my phone. Thanks!!

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    I know where your coming from. I just successfully unlocked and jailbroken m 1st gen iphone 4gb so you need to open itunes and once your iphone is recognized then let it restore your phone to factory settings 2.2.1 firware then downnload pwnage tool, boatloader 3.9 and 4.6 create a file on your desktop and put everything in the file including the custom 2.2.1 fware that you will add cydia and installer as its being built. Start out in Expert mode and make your partition 572 click unlock in general by double click and take away upgrade the 4.6 and don't downgrade to 3.9 select open ssh and, boot logosm and build. Takes about 10 mins then you will be prompted to DFU mode then close out and open itunes for your windows hold down the shift button when you click restore and select the ispw with custom 2.2.1 and open/restore with that file when you see the pineapple your on your way and let it do everything until you see all the icons with cydia and installer and your done!

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    Getting Error (0xc0000125) when trying to start program...
    I just an iphone 3g and wondering if i should wait for the 3.0 upgrade?

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    Unhappy i need help
    i need to jailbreak my iphone 3G v2.2.1
    i tried jailbreaking ti using quick pwn but it always stucks when waiting for the iphone in recovery mode

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