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Thread: Dummies guide to jailbreaking 1.1.3

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    Default Dummies guide to jailbreaking 1.1.3
    Discussion thread for Dummies guide to jailbreaking 1.1.3. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.

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    1. Read this link first!

    2.Search before asking Search on the site and on the internet. If you don't know the difference you probably should think twice before attempting to jailbreak your phone. Think three times before attempting to unlock it. ATT users can always restore to stock in iTunes.

    2. Read posts in the Jailbreaking and unlocking forums.'

    3. Understand the difference between "Jailbreaking" (ability to install 3rd party apps) and "Unlocking" (ability to use the phone on a network other than ATT.
    You need to jailbreak in order to unlock, but you do NOT need to unlock a Jailbroken phone.

    4. Plan to leave plenty of time for the process. My first jailbreak of a 1.1 1 went smooth and was done in a matter of minutes, but I spent entire day with a 1.1.3 OOB and 1/2 a day on the jailbreak and re-modding when I upgraded the 1.1.2 to 1.1.3.

    5. Follow any of the tutorials, wikis or how-to- guides EXACTLY. If a step is unclear to you, read more, search Google if you can't find it here on MMi. Take your time, pretend its a high-stakes exam for which you are graded. Some of the guides may be for older firmwares, but many of the principles apply. Use them as a starting ground, then move to the forums for more specific info for your firmware. It may be time consuming, but you sometimes need to read through many pages of posts under a thread to get your answer. Do it.

    6. Did I say use search ? You will need to scroll up to the top of the page and its that little box in the upper right corner labeled "Search". Just type your search terms over where it says "Google Custom Search and press the button.

    7. Remember the whole thing about permissions. I don't think I have seen a post about installing an app where it didn't say something about fixing permissions (especially if you are on 1.1.3 or if you are SSH'ing the app) So if an app doesn't work, try to set permissions (hint 755 or 777 will usually do it)

    8. What is SSH, fugu, Win SCP, iBrickr, Cyberduck, Putty, Independence, whatever...?- Read the Wiki Guides, its all there. The good folks at MMi put a great deal of effort into putting the wiki together. Don't let their efforts go to waste.

    9. Learn which programs are used on which operating system. you may run Windows, but the advice may be given for a Mac. Often the info can be applied, just using a different program. iBrickr vs independence for example.

    10. Which brings me to:
    Know the difference between adding apps vs skins and themes. Its all "modding" but "skinning" entails modifying (or using files modified by others) the graphics that give your screen its appearance. The icons, the wallpaper, the phone dialer pad, carrier icon, etc... For the neophyte, these files are generally .png graphics files that can be edited in any photo/ graphic editing program like Paint Shop Pro, or Photoshop. If you can edit a photo, you can edit icons.


    This is all any newcomer really needs to know. All of this is not new, its posted here in various places.

    I managed to jailbreak and install apps without asking a single question. I am not a programmer or engineer or IT person. Modding an iPhone is not like downloading and installing some program on your computer. It CAN be but not without some basic learning first. its akin to a kid who always asks his or her parents for homework help and the parents ask, "Didn't you read the book?" Usually the answer is,"No", or as I recall it, "Its not there", only to have my father flip open the book and in a matter of a minute point whatever it was out to me in plain print. The info is here people.

    I realize its hard to be patient when you get a new iPhone and are all excited to use it right away, and then get stuck with a brick. You need that phone to work and want the help right away. This is why you need to PLAN when and how you will mod your iPhone first. Don't try and jailbreak an OOB 1.1.3 during your lunch break the day before you are traveling and need your phone!

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