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Thread: Get your iphone online via USB

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    Default Get your iphone online via USB
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    Hey i'm having a little trouble with this and was wondering if anyone could help me out. Let's start with the basics.

    I've followed the tutorial regarding everything as much as possible with one minor change. I had to change the port fowarding to -> with privoxy listening on port 8119, due to my machine complaining that you cant have two things listening on the same port.

    Now the edge.pac is deffo created and the preferences.plist currently looks like:

    				<string> (ip1)</string>
    			<string> (ip1)</string>
    That as far as i know is correct. After establishing the connection with tunnelier (and succesfully connecting terminal and sftp), as well as having privoxy running on port 8119 I try to use Safari on the iphone.

    Now as far as i can tell there is no communication at all between the iphone and tunnelier, in fact it still tries to connect via EDGE/GPRS.

    in BossPrefs:

    EDGE (N/A): On
    WiFi: Off
    EdgeProxy: On

    Now im not sure if im missing something simple or just overlooked something, but any help would be appreciated.

    Oh and i also receive a text from O2 saying that i need at least blah blah calltime to access internet etc...

    Firmware: 2.0.2

    Lol nevermind.

    Note to self. Dont setup C2S. Setup S2C xD
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