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Thread: Carrier APN Settings

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    Default Carrier APN Settings
    Discussion thread for Carrier APN Settings. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.

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    So does this mean it is possible to use other carriers with iPhone?

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    Default At&t (blue) mmode settings for the
    I have finally unlocked the phone so I can use the phone with the old Att sim how ever I can not get data using the mmode plus when I go to general, network all I see is VPN setting and no edge to click on can some one pleaseeeee help me figure out how to use configure mmode on the iphone

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    Default APN setting
    Where can i find the rest of the setting? I can only find, APN, username and password on EDGE setting of my O2. But it shows error. I can't find host name,security and other stuffs.

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    i have the same question...
    i unlocked my phone and followed the instructions in the forum i can use pretty much all the functions except visual voicemail and EDGE network.
    i use AT&T service but i didn't use the iphone plan though since it's unlocked...
    so, can someone tell me how to setup the EDGE network for AT&T?


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    Hi PF,
    thanks for your reply. I read this setting in another thread.
    the first problem is i don't have "EDGE". what I have is
    the settings under "VPN" i have 2 options, "L2TP" or "PPTP".
    then "Server", "Account", "Password", "Secret" and "Proxy(OFF,MANUAL,AUTO)"
    (my iphone's firmware ver. 1.0.2)

    if i use your setting, i will get the following message.
    Internet Connection
    The server does not exist. Please
    verify the server address and try

    the plan i have is still $39.99 basic plan with no data plan.
    even though i plan to add the $20 unlimited data plan but i actually use the edge service (per kb) in my old phone. i'm not sure if i have to add the data plan to make it work. please let me know if you have an idea.
    thank you again for your help.

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    No, it needs to be in EDGE. You should add the data plan and see if it changes. And ALL you have under Networks is VPN?

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    i thought the edge configuration settings only showed up there if there was a different carrier sim installed.

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    Ah perhaps. Is this not with a foreign SIM installed?

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    i have "VPN" and "Wi-Fi" under Network.
    i use the Cingular Sim card in LA...not a foreign sim card...
    will add the data plan later and see if it works.
    i just checked my friend's iphone which activated in the normal process but his phone has no setting under VPN at, i guess Data plan might be the reason. i will keep you guys posted if i find anything new.
    thanks guys.

    i added the data plan. now it's working!
    no setting needed for APN. just leave it unconfigured.
    thanks guys!
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    Default att blue with edge?
    I have been trying to get EDGE to work with my old ATT Blue sim card. I unlocked the iPhone with anySIM and calling works great, but I do not get edge service. I have a small E in the upper left corner of the screen. When I open Safari I get a "could not connect to the EDGE network" message. I have an old plan with the 24.99 unlimited mmode plan. Searching the net I found some people have ICCID numbers that are too old. Can I get a newer Blue sim card from ebay and register that, The Att store told me they don't carry the older Blue sim cards anymore, and want me to get new service which is almost 2x the cost of my current verry old plan. Under settings>network I dont have EDGE settings I only have VPN and WI-Fi. Anyone any ideas?

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    right I am in the same situation have the old blue att service done want to migrate over to the new at&t cuz their plans suck...i have the 25 dollars unlimited mmode plan but .....looks like no one is smart enough to figure out how to do manual data configuration iphone is smart enough to hide the edge tab soooooo until some one figures out how to manually configure data settings we are out of luck

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    i got my EDGE!
    i took the phone to my office yesterday tried to borrow my coworker's iphone to check his VPN setting. He use the regular way to activate. I found there's no VPN setting in his iphone. The VPN is unconfigured.
    then I reset my VPN setting and tried to connect to internet. Since i don't have wifi in my office, my phone automatically pick up EDGE network. it works without any setting.
    after i confirmed the EDGE network works in my phone I added the $20 data plan...
    now i'm happy!

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    I also have no settings for the carrier or EDGE on my AT&T sim. This is the new AT&T sim and activated on my iphone account via the AT&T and Apple way. (The correct way!) However, I unlocked my iphone to use a Rogers Pay and GO sim in Edmonton Alberta and the Carrier settings shows up allowing me to change them. What is wrong with AT&T not allowing the carrier to show?

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    Default Old Blue Plan
    Someone Please Help!! I am an old Blue Plan with a white Sim card with the numbers in GOLD ( dont know if this makes a different). I purchased an unlock Iphone and cannot access the EDGE Network nor the You Tube Websites
    The File settings have been manually modified as other Posts have suggested and the seller and I installed the You tube on the phone and my phone still wont pick up either installations. Does anyone know why? I have ordered the "Blue" Sim Card from EBay- I am not sure if this will make a difference or not. Other Old Blue Plan users- Please help. I currently have a Razr and I recently added the 8MG Data Plan- so the Data Plan is already on my account- and I only can access WI-FI. Could it be that the Sim I have is old?

    Please Help!

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    Hi guys,

    For Movistar Venezuela:

    Username: Your Cell Phone Ex: 0414XXXXXXX
    Password: Assigned by Movistar, normally your CI or RIF

    Good Luck!

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    I need the EDGE settings for T-Mobile Austria!!!

    Please I need help!!!!!!!!!

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    i used o2 UK but i only see APN,Username and password on the setting...what should i do?help!!!!!!!

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