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Thread: Carrier APN Settings

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    Default Carrier APN Wiki (contribute)
    Quote Originally Posted by poetic_folly View Post
    Sure. Go to Settings>General>Network>EDGE and put in:

    APN: wap.cingular
    Username: [email protected]
    Password: CINGULAR1
    SMART (Philippines)
    APN: internet
    username: (leave it blank)
    password: (leave it blank)

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    might be a stupid question, but I'm trying to setup swirlymms, whats the settings for legal USA customers?

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    hi there, i work in cellphone shop and i know evrey thing about plans from at&t and t-mobile...
    you dont have to had an internet plane or an mms plan in order to go on the internet or to send picture msg(mms)...
    you have to add the data plan to avoid extra charge on your bill....
    as long you put the setting right, that all it matters... then you add the plan to avoid the extra charge, thats it....
    if you have a tmobile phone or any other company, it would go to internet and will be able to send an mms from the phone without the plan

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    Anyone know how to set up APN Claro (VERIZON) in Puerto Rico TO SET MMS SETTING

    someone knows how to program apn CLARO (Verizon) in puerto rico?

    I need the apn setting to puerto rco
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    (I have already posted this in the windows modding forum, but I feel this forum is probably more suitable)

    Hi guys, I’m trying to edit my carrier list, but from a PC. The only advice anyone has is to use the automated binary to ascii converter link;

    Convert Apple Property list from binary to text XML

    The problem is, it’s currently returning a 0kb file, still in binary format. If I click on the other link to the website where the actual conversion is done;…il/plutil.cgi/

    I get this;

    The requested URL /cgi-bin/plutil/plutil.cgi/ was not found on this server

    If anyone could suggest either where the converter has been moved to or how to convert a binary file to an ascii file on a PC, I would be incredibly grateful.

    Thanks in advance


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    ok i need help here, i want to set up the gprs on my iphone 3g, now when i go into settings>general>network>cellular daa network all i see is APN, Username, my gprs in my country requires a port number d a proxy server....da info for my gprs in my country is

    Username: cellink
    P/W: cellink
    Port: 8080
    Proxy Server:

    dats all i need to putin to access gprs on my ihone 3G, now i need hep on how to this!! thanks in advance

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    I also see this is a thread from way back but I'm on 3.0fw and tmobile what do i need to insert in the APN in order to get webtogo data plan?

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    BUMP! Ive changed my sim from my blackjack II to my hacked Iphone 3.0 fw using redsn0w. The phone part works great. But it says I have no cellular data plan even though I did on my blackjack. Only the $20 plan but it should still work right? I dont know how to change apn settings and I cant get to a network setting other than vpn. It has no other options. I will continue to bump until someone answers all the people in this thread. Its like someone just let it go and not a dang person actually answered anything BUMP BUMP BUM_PPPPPP!

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    hey this works great!! even works on the 3g[s] on 4.0

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    It's convenient in Canada where every iPhone sold here is unlocked already.

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    Well if your in the Bahamas and have data plan for iphone(i doubt you do), the apn is

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