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Thread: wifi tether "without" pdanet?

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    Default wifi tether "without" pdanet?
    So, today I got PDAnet on my 3GS and then googled for instructions how to use it. I followed the instructions up to setting up an ad-hoc network and connecting to it. After that you are supposed to launch PDAnet to get the Internet working, but I tried it without launching pdanet and I still had Internet access. So Im wondering, is the app even necessary? Does simply installing it change something to let your phone provide Internet over an ad-hoc network or is it already enabled?

    Oh, and when you do this is it obvious to the phone service provider that you are tethering? I feel totally justified using my iPhone as a modem since Im shelling out $30 monthly for 'unlimited' data (that's more than I pay for my dsl at home!) but I bet the phone company's lawyers have a different opinion.

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    Are you jailbroken? Use MyWi.

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    If you are with AT$T then yes it is forbidden. There is no tethering package available.

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    What I'm saying is, I am able to tether by doing what I described above. The only thing is, it's very slow.

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    MyWi is very easy to use. Simple on/off and it acts just like a wireless hotspot.

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    My question was, is a third-party app even necessary for tethering? Because I can tether without using any apps just by using an ad-hoc network. I was wondering how apps like mywi and pdanet work and if they make a faster connection. If one more person says "just use mywi" my head will explode.

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    I believe there's an option in settings of PdaNet that is always checked for WiFi Router Mode. You have to manually check the PdaNet Off tab or else it is always broadcasting after installation. If you have BossPrefs installed it will also have an ON/OFF there as well. So yes I believe at this moment a third party app IS necessary. Try uninstalling it PdaNet and see.... I'd do it for you but I'm too lazy
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