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Thread: iCopy ~ Copy and Paste in Safari or to email

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    awesome app,

    i knwo its a java pplet/plugin at the moment - but what would be nice is if you could use the same kinda feature like dock or mobile stacks to be on or above the springboard layer so you can move between apps... even Navizion has the floating menu over Google maps, just a thought, but great start.. i am using it already, great for bloggers.
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    Yeah it's painfully annoying to use interface wise and this won't do at all, but just having the ability means once it gets polished it'll be THE app to beat. Screw working on the bugs, get to cracking on the interface.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackTheTripper View Post
    Well your vid spurred me to get off my a$$ and put together my own vid. (Sorry, just couldn't have yours out there saying the menu was too small. )
    lol its all good. should we be expecting anything else added to this anytime soon? im sure there are a lot of java-savvy people out there that could help make it amazing. and ur so right about the menu thing, i should of just zoomed in. at least i know now.

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    thanks all. Right now I'm working on a few things. There are a few bugs I want to fix. Yesterday I was working on the ability to select specific words rather than blocks of text. I made a lot of headway but its pretty buggy. Eventually you'll be able to click on a single word in a paragraph then a second in ths same or even a different paragraph and it will grab those words plus everything in between.

    As far as adding this to springboard or installer (not hacked here so sorry if I sound like a news) I have no idea how that would work.

    I got my phone in mid jan and after playing with it for a month realized someone out there must have come up with the idea to make text clickable for copy and paste. I did some looking around and found nothing. I was shocked since this is something that easily could have been done since day one.

    My first thought was to use Ajax to write the info to a db and retrieve it later again with Ajax but that didn't fly due to cross-site scripting security so I had to use the current redirect hack.

    All the code is right there so if someone wants to disect it they can. I can't stop you. I just hope you throw some credit my way.

    Sorry. This post kind of turned into a history of thing.


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    Nice work! Most ingenious webapp I have seen!

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    nice job man!! Keep us posted on updates

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    So this only works on the internet for now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparblaze View Post
    So this only works on the internet for now?
    Yes that's correct. But someone contacted me yesterday and said they may be able to get this to work as a local app on jailbroken devices. We'll have to wait and see what comes of that.

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    Great job and app!! Keep us posted on your progress or updates

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    Any possibilities of having copy & paste for images on Safari? or is there an app that already does that? Let me know. Thanks.

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    I guess this doesn't work for jailbroken and unlocked 1.1.2, does it?

    Man, I wish it did, this is really cool, but, I tried to look for it in installer and I can't find it?? Well, good work, super app! Prissie
    Stay Sexy, Sweet, and Wonderful!

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    It should work fine on a jailbroken phone. It's just some fancy JavaScript. Try again.

    Quote Originally Posted by highres View Post
    Any possibilities of having copy & paste for images on Safari? or is there an app that already does that? Let me know. Thanks.
    Here, check this out.
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    Want to Copy and Paste on your iPhone or Touch? Install iCopy on any device. (Doesn't require JailBreak)

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    It worked I just copied and pAsted a image URL from Flickr and posted the image here this is great. The function I've been needing for a while I love this board man
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