PlusTV Dual Hybrid DVB-T PE310RF

PCI Express Interface (x1).
High-Performance Philips main chipset provides dual-channel audio and video multi standard A/V decoder with digital IF demodulator.
Supports worldwide analog TV standards (M/N, B/G/H, D/K, I, SECAM L) from cable or air TV.
Fully automatic standard detection and decoding of worldwide analog TV video (PAL, NTSC, SECAM) and broadcast stereo formats (A2/Dual-FM, NICAM, BTSC with DBX, SAP, and EIAJ) and FM radio.
Watch free-to-air digital terrestrial TV and listen to digital radio (not DAB) on your PC.
Additional Audio/Video Input ,such as CVBS, S-video for connecting to other video sources (such as DVD Player/VCD/VHS/Camcorder).
Features HyperMedia 2.0 software : User-Friendly interface with powerful functions
-Watch (or record) digital and analog TV programs at the same time
-Auto channel scan and name recognition
-Multiple channel preview
-Enhanced 16:9 Wide-Format display
-TV/Video always on the top of the monitor screen
-Brightness/Contrast/Saturation/Hue Adjustment
-Supports Time-Shifting and Scheduled Recording function
-Supports real-time video recording in MPEG-4/2/1 format for analog video (MPEG4 is compatible with DivX or Microsoft MPEG4). (Note: codec need to be downloaded from internet).
-Supports Still Image capture in BMP format.
-Supports Picture-In-Picture (PIP).
-Supports Sleep Timer function.
-Supports Microsoft DirectSound for Analog TV / AV / S-Video.
-Supports real-time digital TV recording in TS (Transport Stream) or PS (Program Stream) format.
-Compatible with Microsoft MCE.
Specification Interface
PCI-Express (x1)

ATV Tuner
75 Ohm (UHF / VHF) TV Analog Antenna or Cable

Video/Audio Input (1)
S-Video Input
4-pin Mini-Din

CVBS Input
RCA Jack

Audio Input
RCA L/R Audio Input

FM Radio Input
FM Input
PAL Connecter

Japanese (76 to 91 MHz) &
US/Europe (87.5 to 108 MHz)

Video/Audio Input (2)
Audio Input
RCA L/R Audio Input

DTV Tuner
75 Ohm (UHF / VHF) TV Digitial Antenna
Specification Analog TV system
55.25 855.25 MHz (NTSC)
48.25 863.25 MHz (PAL)
(Dependent on tuner type.)


Stereo (BTSC, EIAJ, NICAM, FM), Mono

Digital TV system
TV Frequency
Terrestrial Digital Channels (ATSC)

8 bits Vestigial Side-Band Demodulation (8VSB)
Digital Cable ( 64-QAM and 256-QAM)

Dolby Digital AC3 Audio Output

Infrared Remote Control
3.5 mm remote jack

PCI-E Low-Profile
180 mm 55 mm

Is this TV Tuner compatible with DirecTV and OrbLive? And can I stream MPEG-4 HD Channels to my Computer through this, if so how? And can my iPhone then get the MPEG-4 HD Channels?

If this TV Tuner Card can't do this, then please suggest one that does, and it has to work on Windows XP.

Thanks ahead of time.