Alternative Channel is an international Internet channel and alternative news source focused on issues of sustainable development. Alternative Channel features eyewitness reports, interviews, documentary videos and awareness campaigns.

As off November 15, 2007, Alternative Channel can be easily accessed on iPhone.

For Everyone – Anywhere in the World
Alternative Channel is committed to free media available to everyone, anywhere in the world. Now, with a simple-to-use web-design, the Alternative Channel user can enjoy all the latest videos on and participate in video ranking. A free member account enables you to add your favourite videos to your portfolio.

An Alternative iPhone
The launch of the iPhone was a worldwide event; the device offers the most innovative functions and services available in today’s mobile market. Alternative Channel is enthusiastic about this newest member of the Apple family and the possibilities it provides for Alternative Channel users. Visit: and discover a new way of communication for contributors, citizen journalists, responsible companies, NGOs, NPOs, and other independent Media. They have all chosen Alternative Channel to broadcast their news, raise people’s awareness about their causes and highlight the visionaries of today who are providing the solutions for tomorrow.

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