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Thread: Bittorent Client WebUI for the Iphone?

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    Default Bittorent Client WebUI for the Iphone?
    ive seen some posts of people asking for bittorent client, but what im asking for is a WebUI for safari that connect to Azureus (just an example of the client im using) and let u control the torrents (stop, start and adding new ones by URL).
    ive seen some WebUI's but most of them are Java based or not working anymore..
    here is one:

    I was wondering if theres any WebUI for Bittorent client that actually work on the iphone safari? would be great to use this.


    i found something that work, ill try to adjust it for the Iphone and then release it to the public ^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by hanz0e View Post
    this project sucks
    I would like this for Transmission, but I believe it would be something that the devs of the torrent program would have to implement.

    Sure would be great though! We need an easy way to view the computer's webserver remotely though, so that port forwarding etc is automatically done, and a static ip (or domain) can be used.

    The second thing is something a member of this forum could work on.

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    lol yes
    there is one that you can install from azureus from the plugin installation list from sourceforge under the drop down menu.

    Select the html webui one and that one works. I'm using it right now. There is another one for utorrent but i dont use utorrent because they are owned by the mpaa.

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    i don't have my iphone hone yet so i cant test it but what is the result of using this site on the iphone? what about combined with safari download plugin at

    i believe it uses java to actually download the file so i doubt this will work but perhaps with we are lucky enough to see some java ability in the future this can be a solution

    just an idea

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    Default Working on Azureus HTML WebUI for Safari
    I've been working on a safari design for the HTML WebUI for Azureus, actually... Right now it only shows the active torrents, and toggles between the title and % DL to show more stats (Size, Done, DL Speed, ETA, Seeders, and Leechers).

    I'm including tabs for initiating downloads and the options tab.

    The downloads tab would search (Mininova) and allow for the option to add the torrent to your queue. This is done directly throught he WebUI. I wrote another version a couple of weeks ago where it compiled a custom RSS feed, and the desktop client subscribes to that feed to start downloads, which works with any bittorrent client that has an RSS feed plugin (most of them, I think).

    I can't give the address, 'cause it only controls my computer at home, and I don't want everyone's hands on my Azureus! I'll work on screenshots, if people have an interest...

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    definetly interested, id love to see some shots

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    I'd prefer a webUI for Utorrent, as Azureus doesn't work properly anymore with my wireless router . But I will gladly use this webUI if it comes out before a Utorrent one does. Keep us posted!

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    Well the one for uTorrent is supposedly already out. I've never used it, and I don't know what it's functionality is... Lemme find the link...

    How to access uTorrent from your iPhone or iPod Touch

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