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Thread: yahoo push email observation

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    Default yahoo push email observation
    Hey all,

    I haven't been able to get this Yahoo push mail running at all. I've tried several of the posted fixes short of upgrading to 1.1.4 (I'm on 1.1.3, unlocked, jailbroken, and on with T-Mobile in Germany).

    I'm about to give up on the whole thing since for me it's really not important that I get my email immediately.

    However, an observation...

    As we all know, the phone is pretty noisy around unshielded devices. While syncing I'd usually notice one disturbance and that was it.

    Since I setup the Yahoo email account with push ON (under settings), I was getting disturbances every 5 seconds (email waiting). I never recieved the push email in waiting. Once I turned push OFF, the disturbances stopped.

    I suspect that maybe the phone gets its notification via EDGE that there is an email waiting, then tells the phone to go online and retrieve it. Since I don't have a data plan with T-mobile here, I was hoping everything'd work via WLAN.

    Sorry if i'm stating the obvious...

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    Lots of people have problems with Push mail from Yahoo and lots of people are talking about how it works.

    I may not be right but what I saw after going through some tests let me place in front of you.

    First of all Yahoo doesn't push mail to your Iphone the service is provided by Apple.

    the address i, thus this service is specifically for Apple Iphone and iPod touch users only.

    Secondly I found out that if you set your email while you're outside your wifi zone the service doesn't work properly because.

    As soon as you go into wifi zone your main eth0 is used which has a different IP address still your GPRS (EDGE) IP address doesn't change, so your mail is pushed to your IP address which is configured with PUSH mail but as the connection is not used (ip2) you'll not get any mails, as Push mail server doesn't know your new IP address.

    But if you configure your Push mail or restart your phone while in Wifi coverage, both your IPs are sent to Push mail, which will push your mail to either IP address.

    In above case you get the disturbance because even though you do not have data plan you still have an IP address provided by TMobile, if you ifconfig you'll see IP on ip2.

    But the data can't be sent through because TMobile blocks incoming data to you thus you'll not get any mail or notification.

    But if you are in Wifi and restart your phone, you'll start getting your push mails.

    I hope I'm correct but I'm not sure as people are talking about IDLE on IMAP (which should be immediate but we do not get immediate Push mail)

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    I am just going to wait for mobile me

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