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Thread: Wizzard Media Receiver

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    Default Wizzard Media Receiver
    A podcast, and rss media aggregator as well as a portal to the Wizzard Media Receiver system. Users can subscribe to Audio and Video media and upload their iTunes subscriptions for mobile consumption on the iPhone.

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    any word if this works for video podcasts...also im a tad hesitant entering my info into a non apple website...
    For Help
    Private Message, Email, or AIM
    (My response time might be a little long)

    STATUS: Real busy all the time...

    Expect more when I find something guide-worthy.
    PM me and let me know if you need one.

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    Default Sure On Video
    Hi, I'm working on the app and would love feedback. Yes it works with video podcasts that are produced in the video format the iphone and ipod touch supports. This is most all video podcasts you would find in the itunes store, but we provide a directory with compatible video podcasts as well.

    To register you only need an email address.


    DAve Mansueto

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    This is a fantastic service, and once subscribed, it works quite well. There are some compatibility problems with running the site under Safari on a Mac however, which seems a bit ironic. The problem is it just hangs whenever I select Menu to edit my subscriptions. It worked fine with Firefox however.

    The interface to edit subscriptions could use a bit of work in general, but as I say, once they are entered on the computer, they showed up and worked perfectly on the phone. Thank you!

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    Default Thanks for the Input!
    It's good to hear that the app is working for you. We'll look into the bug with safari, that is quite ironic.

    Interface wise, we really need to brush things up across the board. This was our first stab at the thing, spit and polish to follow soon.

    What you may find useful is the ability to import your entire subscription list from programs like iTunes. You can upload opml documents like the Podcasts.opml file that iTunes exports by going to with safari or firefox. This way you can get all your shows into our system in one quick step rather than adding one rss feed at a time. Also, an undocumented feature is that you can export opml with all your podcast subscriptions from our system. This way if iTunes, Zune or any other podcast receivers supported subscribing to opml feeds, you could keep your subscriptions in sync across all the places you enjoy podcasts.

    We have a facebook interface for the Wizzard Receiver being tested now as well. If anyone has interest in trying it out please let me know.

    thanks again very much for comments!

    dave m

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    I think this app needs WAY more publicity, I'll try to do my part. Having my favorite podcasts available on demand is fantastic, and everything is very snappy. One request: I'd like the option to change the opening screen to subscriptions instead of the Inbox. Even when I change the URL path to #_subscriptions, it insists on bringing me back to the Inbox. Maybe I'm unique, but I'm seldom interested in hearing the most recent episode, as I'm always far behind. Thanks!
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    You absolutely should be able to bookmark the subscriptions page. I put that in the feature cue, we'll try to get to that very soon. I'm also thinking that setting the default homepage could be a preference to set. I'd like to make that happen very soon.

    As far as getting the word out, iTunes still hasn't added us to their webapps directory, which is a bit of a bummer, but I'm glad that this site exists. It keeps me excited!
    And thanks again for your kind words.

    I made a demo video so folks could see the app in action, and it also walks you through the steps of importing your opml subsciptions list from iTunes. This works for any app that exports opml by the way.

    Hopefully this shows up.

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    Dave M

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    I'm pissed. My wife sees the video and suddenly she wants to leave me for this "Dave" guy. Sheissssssss! I mean, the media app is great and all -- maybe one of the few webapps that really deserves the "app" appellation -- but is it REALLY worth trading away my wife?

    Cripes, man, just go back to your frikkin coding corner and be a geeky coder, and leave us ALONE, Dave, you limy fothermucker!


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    Default WMR update coming very soon - sneak peak
    We posted a blog entry over at that sneaks a peak at some upcoming features.

    Here it is:

    Keep an eye on our iPhone application, especially while driving. Over the next few weeks, we’re giving you a few non-denominational holiday presents that should make the WMR an even better way to stay on top of all of your favorite podcasts.

    The most important upgrades:

    User preferences - Hate new episodes? That’s fine, you can make the subscriptions or favorites page the first thing you see when you hit the WMR.
    Inbox - Sort new episodes into Audio and Video categories. Or don’t. It’s all your choice now.
    OPML - Opt to share your subscriptions with the world or keep your dirty little secrets all to yourself.
    Subscriptions - Subscribe to OPML feeds from anywhere on the Internet. Even the weird places, like each other.
    Screwups - Forgot your password? We care now. A ‘forgotten password’ link will help you get back on track.
    Do our work for us - Share the WMR, your favorite feeds, or even specific episodes.
    Speed - We’re moving the entire thing to new hardware. Probably even better hardware.
    In order to keep the improvements coming, we’re also giving the crack WMR development team a hefty raise.

    As always, we love your feedback. Please let us know what you think, or if you experience any bugs. We’re always listening at iphone AT

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