Hey everyone,

been having fun making my own webapp of my site, but I was wondering about something. Whenever I title my webapp index of (you geussed it)

Sketch Studios

and go into my iPhone to test out the link to be placed on the Home Screen, when I tap on the "+" > "Add to Home Screen" > Title edit screen

the title is not "Sketch Studios" but "Sketch Studio".
Is there a limit to how many characters a link can have by default when being added by a user as a bookmarklet?

If I manually ADD an "s" to the end of "Sketch Studio" during the Title Edit screen, then tap "Add" in the top right corner it does in fact pop up on the Home Screen as "Sketch Studios" however, the typical user might not know to do that. Is there anyway around this?

any help is much appriciated!

if you want to test out what Im talking about go to my webapp on the iphone at