TIPMyPhone currently offers one of the most unusual dictionaries on the Web. TIPMyPhone's dictionary offers a "Round-Robin-Search" (RRS). Every word in the definition searches the dictionary for a meaning of that word. Don't understand a word in a definition, click on it?

This is the definition screen. Click on any word within the defintion. Also, use the menus pictured here to switch "TIP search sources". This allows you to quickly/easily search ~100 popular Websites for an instance of the word you are looking up or ANY word within it's definition. We use the TIP Dictionary itself for the default TIP search source.

The TIP iPhone Dictionary is our first iPhone Web application and first mobile TIP application. We are working on a iPhone/mobile Web application for a press release feed we have with PRNEWSWIRE and you can find the development link to it on the tipmyphone.com homepage. This is a work in progress.

TIP is a patent pending technology of Two Peas Consulting, LLC.

We hope you like the TIP iPhone Dictionary, of course. Thanks for checking it out.

Dave Lalande